Sojourn House Shoe Drive

Here's the deal:

We need 2,500 pounds of shoes. (We know). But it only takes everyone pitching in 2 or 3 pairs of their 2015 season boots they only wore once, or the basketball shoes your son never wore because his new passion quickly became football and he needed cleats. 

Nothing with tears, holes, bad soles. 

Any size, style, season. Men's, women's, kids. 

While you're collecting your own shoes,

would you let your friends know what you're doing?

We need a small army to make this happen! 


Share a picture of your collected shoes on social media with the hashtags: 



*Last day we will collect is: 

June 9th, 2020.*


Why a shoe drive?

We know how hard it is to see a cause you want to support 

but not be able to make a cash donation.

We want to give every opportunity to support Sojourn House.

So no matter what your checkbook or bank account is telling you,

you know you can still make a difference. 

Sojourn House has partnered with SCRIP

Sojourn House's enrollment code: 


Buy gift cards to the places you're already shopping

and support Sojourn House with the rebates. 

You don't spend a dime more than normal, but you're changing lives. 


We think that's a pretty good deal. 


Sign up at: (desktop) (mobile)

or email with your order. 

Questions? Or ready to place an order?

Click the link to learn more:

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