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The more we learn about the issues plaguing modern women, we realize the same things that break our hearts across the world are happening right in our towns.

One of your neighbors struggles with substance abuse.

Your waitress was sex trafficked when she was twelve.

And you know too many victims of abuse to count.

We decided to let our hurt move our hearts,

and Sojourn House was born.

We are a sober living facility for women looking to recover from the trauma of addiction, abuse, and exploitation. Our 6-24 month program allows time for each woman to find healing, freedom, a solid support system, and a path to the future she finally gets to pursue uninhibited.


Board of Directors



The BOD President, Amy Meek, has been a registered nurse in Monroe County for 23 years.  She manages the Monroe County Public Health Clinic and Nurse Family Partnership. Through her work in the community, Amy has encountered an alarmingly growing number of young women who are homeless and being exploited by a trafficker or someone in authority.  Most of these young women have been in foster care, but aged out of the system without a strong family or positive connection on which to rely. Amy has worked with these women to navigate those in early pregnancy into substance use disorder treatment, housing, schooling, and other areas of self-efficacy.



Carissa Muncie is the BOD secretary.  Carissa is an educator, a foster parent, and an American Sign Language interpreter. Carissa and her family have fostered youth who have experienced sex trafficking and all types of physical and emotional abuse.  Carissa has had extensive training in trauma-informed care and care of youth exiting trafficking. She is passionate about helping women see their potential.  She serves as a recruiter and mentor to foster parents in Indiana:

Region 13 Department of Child Services.



Morgan Lane is the BOD treasurer.  Morgan has been an advocate for all issues surrounding human trafficking. She has an accounting background and works part-time in this field. Morgan and her husband have served in youth ministry and worked with at risk teens in Southern Indiana.  She has worked in child care and has noticed an increase in sexual and child abuse in the region.  She has been mandated reporter and works with DCS assessments.  Morgan has counseled teens suffering from depression and contemplating suicide, teen’s rehabilitation programs, and has experience counseling family members whose children have died from suicide.


Board Member

Kelly Blazier, a member of the BOD, is a human trafficking advocate, leading many fundraising type events to bring awareness to the issue and raising finances to support rescue missions and services for women who are victims.  Kelly works for Advocates for Children as a Guardian Ad Litem, working with victims of child abuse and neglect. She works closely with the Department of Child Services and service providers dealing with case management, abuse (physical, sexual, mental, and substance). Kelly has undergone training in the fields of domestic violence, human trafficking, sex offenders and victims, implicit bias, and trauma informed care such as ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences).


Board Member

Rebekah was born and raised in Bloomington, IN. She has a Master's Degree in Human Services with a focus on Marriage & Family Therapy. Rebekah's done a little bit of everything, including marketing, sales, teaching second grade, and teaching college freshmen. She's been involved with Women's and Youth Ministries her entire adult life, and currently attends City Church in Bloomington. Rebekah's not really interested in the "put together" people of the world. Instead, her passion has always been for the underdog, the overlooked, and the tossed aside. Helping women understand and fully experience their value and freedom in Christ -- no matter what -- that's her ultimate goal in life. 

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