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Your financial gift ensures

we never turn one woman away.

Your support is everything as we serve residents, work with women through outreach

and collect the material and non-material things

necessary for a non-profit.  

We are humbled and grateful for any gift you can give.  


Recurring donations will be the lifeblood of Sojourn House. Instead of a $25, $50, or $100 donation now, would you be willing to donate $10, $20, or $50 per month? This will allow us to more accurately budget and know the extent of our financial need.

  • If you have technical difficulties getting your donation to go through, try switching your browser to Google Chrome or Firefox. If issues persist, please send us a note at

Text "GIVE" to:
(855) 939-5149

You love to shop.

We love gifts.

Browse our Target registry or Amazon Wishlist

and ship items straight to Sojourn House.

Our future residents thank you!

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