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Sojourn House: Residential

With survivors in mind, safe housing and therapeutic programs offer connections to healthier lifestyles, education, career-building, and healing through a community of

professionals and volunteers.  

A beautiful home for up to 8 women at a time offers:

  • spacious bedrooms

  • large outdoor setting 

  • an inviting kitchen and living room

  • education and therapeutic spaces. 

Image by Svitlana



Healing can begin when each woman knows she's safe and her needs will be met.  With time, therapy, support, and love, survivors can build hope and believe in a better future. 

Nutrition, exercise, hobbies, and rest are just the start. 

With her own bed, soothing spaces, and fresh opportunities, healing becomes reality. 



Tailored to each resident, an education plan will be developed to support her as she moves forward.  Whether it's a GED, vocational training, a diploma, or degree, we look forward to seeing her confidence grow.

Relationship skills, problem solving, life skills, and everything in between are important parts of the whole picture. 


Female Student
Working from Home



Finding a career that fits can be challenging and exciting. We'll help her explore the possibilities and create a plan that will get her there. 

When she's ready, she'll begin working in the field she chooses and gaining experience. 



This is when the training wheels will start to come off. While still living at Sojourn House, she will combine all the skills she's been working on and put them to the test. The speedbumps of a new career, her own transportation, and growing relationships will be met with support and coaching in the Sojourn House community. 

Help with Cooking

At last, the culmination of everything she'll have fought so hard to build!  Although graduation day will be the pinnacle, graduation is a phase as well.  Finding her new home, gathering furniture, and picking out pots and pans will be both thrilling and overwhelming. This phase gives her time to make these decisions with help.  


Confetti Party

Even after graduation and moving to her new home, she'll have 6 months of case  management to follow her progress and help with challenges. 

                                           We're already excited for graduation day!

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