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you have questions. we have answers!

When will Sojourn House be open?

Trust us, we’re just as eager as you are to open our doors to the precious, beautiful women who could benefit from our services. Zoning, moving, and zoning again have certainly been a challenge, but we are—tentatively and hopefully—saying we will be accepting residents in 2023.


How long will the program be?

2 years. With a massive graduation celebration at the end! 


Will the women be allowed to keep their kids with them in the program? 

While we recognize being able to keep mothers and children together has many benefits, we are not currently set up to house family units. When a mother enters our program, it may be the first chance she's ever had to focus solely on her healing. She'll be able to spend every minute of her time becoming her best self and the mother her kids need her to be. 


I have women’s clothing I’d like to donate. Do you take those donations? 

We aren’t currently accepting clothing donations, but invite you to check out other Bloomington area nonprofits who are (literally) outfitting women for success! 


I have gently used furniture, kitchen items, and books. Do you take those donations?

We’d love to see what you have! Take a few pictures and send them to!


You guys are the coolest and I love your mission. Would you present at my church/workplace/small group/get together?

First, you’re the coolest. Second, yes. Send us a request at


I know a lot about (resume building—budgeting—sewing—painting—self defense—cars—organization—addictions—trauma). Can I teach a one-time or recurring class on that? 

Brag on yourself! Send us your experience and education at We love a woman who has the heart of a teacher. 


How do I donate?

This is our favorite question!

>Donate online at

>Text "GIVE" to (855) 939-5149

>Mail a check to Sojourn House at PO Box 227 Stinesville, IN 47464. 


What’s your biggest need? How do I make the biggest impact? 

Okay, these are our second and third favorite questions. We need as many RECURRING DONORS as we can get. Whether it’s for $10/month or $500/month, this will have the biggest impact not only on our ability to serve women, but also on when we’re able to open. Recurring donors allow us to budget months and months in advance, and that’s no small thing for a budding nonprofit

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